At Out-of-the-Box Marketing & Consulting, we want to see your business succeed! Our desire is to make the marketing process easy by  taking care of the daily tasks for you! Here are some of those included in our packages:

Research into your industry to find information that is relevant, timely, and interesting.

Weekly selection of 3 to 5 posted articles, quotes or inspirations to post on your social media.

Implementation of strategies to help market your business and make new connections.

General (8)

What sort of results can we expect?

This is a very hard question to answer because each company will have their own unique set of expected results. Two things to expect regardless of your industry is 1) Consistent posting with quality content. 2) Monitoring feedback and analytic to ensure your audience is engaging with the posts.

How is ROI defined in social media?

Contrary to popular thinking, ROI can always be measured in social media. But it can be perceptual. What are your goals? Were they achieved? If so, then you had a positive ROI. Did your campaigns help your business in any way or have any positive effects? If they did, then you were successful. Social media ROI is not always tied to tangible business benefits. At the beginning of working together we will determine these factors and how they can be measured and how they will be reported to demonstrate the value they bring to your business.

Should we be on every social platform?

No. Quality over quantity is key. Your target audience is probably not on every platform, therefore you should not be either. We want to position your company in a way that it will bring you engagement with your target market. If a social media manager extends your business visibility to many networks, then your marketing efforts may spread too thin and mean some of the campaigns might suffer.

Would Google+ be worth using for our business?

This should highlight the extent of your potential social media managers Google+ knowledge. Google indexes Google+ content faster than content posted anywhere else. It’s a platform that has grown rapidly since its launch in 2011 and is now one of the main social platforms.

How do you evaluate new social platforms? How do you stay on top of the latest updates and innovations in Social Media?

The social landscape is always changing. Even the most experienced social media managers need to refine their skills, update their strategies and practice new techniques. A social media manager should have experience with building engagement and showing results across multiple platforms and with several different tools. We go to training multiple times a year (often multiple times monthly) to ensure that we are up to date on all the platforms.

Do you offer community management in your Social Media services?

Social engagement doesn’t end when you publish your Facebook page. In fact, creating profiles is often the ‘easiest’ part of the process. The execution of the community management strategies that follows is the more difficult (and more expensive) element. We will set up a community management style to match the brand image of the company. This is a personalized but essential part of social media.

Do you respond to inquiries or messages received on behalf of our business?

Yes. We want social media to be the last of your worries. We will respond to messages (to the best of our ability) and monitor interaction between your pages and your audience. If an inquiry requires a deeper explanation then we can provide then we will forward it to the contact at your company.

Do you provide content?

Yes. We can provide the content for your page. We can use a variety of sources to use, such as your website, blogs, industry publications and reputable articles. If you would like to provide your own content you can do that as well