In the modern era, maintaining Social Media or Online Presence has become a prerequisite of every business. The online presence of your business boosts brand awareness further driving in more audience. In addition, the varied marketing initiatives can be utilized in the process to witness the growth of your business. Every business owner in this digital world wants to attain online recognition in the market.

Check out the following tips which will boost the online presence of a business further leading to its growth:

1. Identify your business objectives and define goals

Identifying the goals and objectives of your business boosts its online presence. This gives you an insight of the type of post you are likely to share about your business. ...

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Digital marketing is growing rapidly and becoming popular due to its efficiency and effectiveness. It is aimed at engaging the clients and customers further generating leads through various means. This process is meant for all sized businesses wherein, the organizations get an access Digital marketing tools and techniques. With the help of these resources, prospects of business’ growth and existence in the market increases.

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Majority of companies now depend on the quality content as a main part of their overall marketing strategies. Marketers now understand that people can not be targeted by the traditional advertising methods. In order to build a good customer base, you must provide a solution to an existing problem. The main problem these marketers face while creating content is the consistency.

You don't need to post 100 blog posts on your website to rank higher in google algorithm. Google always check for quality and relevant content and place the most relevant content at the top of the search results.

Below are the 5 content marketing strategies you can use to attract good revenues:

1. Make a buyer’s persona

In order to sell your services or products,...

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be one of the most cumbersome issues a budding company has to deal with in the present economic online marketplace. Getting a firm to do it for you is probably the best thing and saves a lot of valuable time along with getting a professional touch to your website. There are a bunch of social media marketing companies out there who promise to deliver on this aspect of the business. Many a times a customer is fooled by the website of the company. If SEO is the job you are looking for, a form having a beautiful start page means nothing. There are a ton of great SEO firms with really appalling websites, but their work stands out. Also one should remember that the first suggestion of Google for the SEO fir...

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Are you launching a new product or service? Social media is an effective way to build buzz and keep it going to attract the right customers.

Why does it make sense to use social media?

Marketing has changed and continues to change on a daily basis especially since sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter connected consumers and businesses in new ways. Want to reach and engage your target market using limited resources? Social media is a big part of that plan. While it’s not the entire marketing plan, hiring Out of the Box Marketing can create a successful launch for your product or service.

1. Develop a Social Media Strategy. It’s not as simple as creating a Facebook page or tweeting a few times a day. Social media takes a ...

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Have you been avoiding social media for your small business? It often seems like it is unnecessary or a waste of time but with a strategy and plan in place, social media can grow your business and get your brand noticed online.


1. Branding. Give your business an online personality when you’re on social media. Often a social media presence is where people find you and not your website. That’s not to say your website isn’t an important part of the brand; it’s to explain the importance of social media for small business.

2. Connecting. Often consumers follow a business online before they make a purchase. Connecting with clients and prospects on social medi...

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Are you ready to get your business noticed online? It’s time to hire a social media pro to develop and execute a brand strategy to grow your business. A social media pro understand the ins and outs of the ever­changing social media landscape and can position your business to attract your target market.


1. Focus on Your Business. Just like you’d hire an accountant to take care of bookkeeping and taxes, consider hiring a social media pro to manage the social media for your business. You can focus on your clients while a pro focuses on building your online presence.

2. Develop a Brand Strategy. The team at Out of the Box Marketing and Consulting understands that social media is part of a larger marketing strategy. That&rsqu...

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Social media success doesn’t happen overnight but you can accelerate results by choosing social media that fits your business strategy and goals. Think about your target market and then research social media sites to find the best option for your business. From there you can build a
strategy and presence to meet your goals. We recommend choosing one or two social media sites to focus your efforts so as not to get verwhelmed.

  • Before choosing social media that fits your business, you must know your target market, the people or businesses you are trying to reach with your product or service. Then choose the social media sites where you’re most likely to meet those people.

  • Facebook ­ Meet and interact with customers and prospects, connect with your local community. If you’re a B2B, this may not be the best social media site for you.

  • LinkedIn ­ Professionals seeking to meet other professionals (finance, insurance, etc.), B2B, and employee recruiting are common uses of LinkedIn. If you’re seeking to build an online business, consider using LinkedIn’s publishing platform as a way to reach a wide audience.

  • Twitter ­ 18­34 year olds use this network to communicate with each other. Also good for businesses that have content to share, research, and connecting with professionals in marketing, PR, and content creation (bloggers, writers, journalists).

  • Google+ ­ While there are some who use this as a social network, it is mostly used for search engine optimization (SEO) rather than connecting with customers or prospects.

  • Instagram ­ More than half of all Instagram users are 18­34 years old and that number is growing. Brands are learning how to use Instagram to reach their younger target market.

  • Pinterest ­ If your target market is women 35­55+ years old with a six figure household income, have discretionary income, and buying power, you need to be promoting your products on this platform.

  • Meerkat and Periscope ­ Fairly new to the social media scene, these are livestream video platforms. It’s not clear yet who is using this but you’ve got to have someone who isn’t afraid to be on live video to begin to embrace these platforms.

It may seem like you have to have a presence on every social media site but you will find it almost impossible to manage that many accounts. Each has its own strategy and purpose making it important to choose social media that fits your business. For more information about social media and marketing, contact O...

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Who is the target market for your business? It begins by understanding the needs of your customers and how your business meets those needs or solves a problem for your customers. Then look at your customers and pick favorites. Think about why you like them; that’s where you begin to define your target market. When you define your target market, you’re not limiting your opportunities, you’re focusing marketing efforts to reach a particular group of people.


As a marketing colleague once said about selling drills, “It’s not about the drill. It’s all about the hole. Tell your customers the benefits of owning a drill, not about the drill itself.”

To do this, you must have a clear understanding of wha...

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